Every piece from Pinehaven Creations is carefully made, but jewellery is delicate and should be treated as such. We recommend the following to protect your jewellery and to prevent sharp blows, scratches, chemicals or extreme temperatures.

  • Remove jewellery while playing sport, swimming, gardening or cleaning etc.
  • Store jewellery separately if possible in a soft pouch or box to avoid scratches.
  • Remove jewellery while bathing/showing & sleeping.

Contact with cleaners, chemicals, perfume, soaps & shampoos, chlorine or volcanic hot pools can all cause metal to oxidise (tarnish). We advise to keep your jewellery away from these products.
Avoid getting your jewellery wet, and if you do be sure to dry it well with a soft cloth.


Contact with household cleaners or chemicals can cause silver to lose its high lustre as well as create oxidisation. Wash in warm soapy water and dry carefully, then polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth.


Brass & copper oxidise very quickly. Hair product, perfumes and even just exposure to the air can contribute to this. An example is shown below with some of my earrings that have been worn for a few months vs. a brand new pair.

In some cases this can give the metal a more organic look that may enhance the piece, however if you prefer a more shiny appearance then polishing with a bit of Brasso polish will bring the shine right back.