My name is Sophie, and I create hand crafted silver jewellery from my little workshop amongst the trees here in Pinehaven, Upper Hutt.

My passion for silver, and making jewellery was born in the early 90s while I was still at college in the UK. My teachers said I needed to take one more class. Not wanting to take class that involved homework, I chose a GCSE in Making Silver Jewellery. From that first class I was hooked… It was the only subject in school that I ever earned an A grade!

I interviewed for several apprenticeships after college, but at the ripe old age of 18 was told I was too old to be an apprentice! This is where another passion, travel, came in to play. Eventually I found myself here in NZ. Life, work and family got ‘in the way’ for a while, but I never lost my desire to play with metal & gemstones, and turn them into lovely things.

I am a hoarder when it comes to stones. I’ve been buying them for years - even when I’ve had no workshop to create in. Often my inspiration comes from a beautiful stone, and I go from there. Other times, it is from something I see in my garden or when I’m out for a walk.

My latest obsession is for leaves which is definitely reflected in my earrings collection. Plenty more designs in the pipeline here. While silver is my go-to metal, I have started using brass as a material more often. I love how the colour of the metal can change to give a more organic feel, almost with every wear.

So, that is me in a nutshell. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or ideas you would like realised. I would love to help you find the perfect piece for your collection.